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Discover the benefits of natural remedies and alternative medicine to improve your health and protect yourself and your family from disease.

Our mission at Health Awarenesss is to provide you with educational reports about health and body nutrition, infectious disease, and natural remedies to heal the body. 


By reading these reports, you will learn how you can protect, nourish, and heal your body from disease.  Unfortunately "quick fixes" in the form of pills usually do not work, or may have harmful side effects.  Because of this, more and more people are becoming conscious of their eating habits and want to live a healthier lifestyle.  By reading our reports, you will learn about the healing foods and herbs that nature gives us, and gain ideas as to how you can protect yourself and your family from disease.   

Health & Body Nutrition

With more than two-thirds of U.S. adults either overweight or obese, weight is clearly a national health concern.  Our reports will guide you on how to lose fat, increase muscle, and become stronger and healthier overall.

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Infectious Disease

Learn about various types of infectious diseases, both viral and bacterial. Study how vaccines and antibiotics protect us from the onslaught of germs in daily life. See how diseases spread through food, animals, the air, and between people.

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Natural Remedies

With the use of natural remedies you will have better control of your health and well being, without having to rely on pills and chemicals which often have harmful side effects.  Our reports provide instructions on preparing your own natural remedies for dozens of health concerns.

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Evidence-Based Guidelines for Good Health

Our health reports are written to keep you up to date with current health events and natural remedies that you can use to address a variety of health concerns.  

Infectious Disease
Natural Remedies