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Hi! I'm Troy.

I'm the executive research director for Health Awarenesss.  I help people who want to withdraw from prescription medications to try a natural approach.  I also provide natural remedies and healthy solutions for your health concerns as well as practical ideas for self-care and prevention.


Whether you’re looking for help managing a chronic condition or searching for new ways to improve your wellness and live a healthier, more enjoyable life, integrative medicine / natural healing may be the complement to conventional medicine that you’re looking for.

My health reports will take you on a healing path where you will nurture your roots and enhance your vitality.  I created Health Awarenesss because I believe greatly in the deeper search for true wellness. That may mean looking into a pattern that has repeated itself in your life or changing a lifestyle choice that is not supporting you.


Illness can make us feel badly physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  To address this, it must be looked at from a holistic healing perspective. 

Specifically, my focus is on helping you learn more about three areas of wellness:

  • Why over 2/3 of US adults are either overweight or obese, and how to deal with this widespread concern with better nutrition practices. 
  • Why infectious diseases are still a pressing issue for our society, despite our advances in science and technology.  Also, what the various types of infectious diseases are, and how to safeguard yourself against these viruses.
  • How the use of natural remedies can give you better control of your health and well-being.  This is important because from 2011-2017, the FDA received more than 5.4 million reports of prescription drug adverse effects, including more than 1 million deaths. 

Health Awareness will take you on a journey to...

  • Explore the history of alternative approaches to care that have evolved into integrative therapies still in use today.
  • Look at research investigating how nutrition, exercise, stress management, and social support affect well-being.
  • Delve into the world of herbal supplements to understand the pros and cons of adding them to your health-care regimen.
  • Get a handle on why no herbal supplement is necessarily good” or “bad,” and learn why it is so important to use supplements responsibly, with your doctor’s input and guidance.
  • Learn the philosophy underlying integrative medicine, rooted in partnering with the patient, finding the underlying causes of disease, and caring for the body, mind, and spirit.

Learn More About Our Three Core Areas of Expertise Here:

Health/Body Nutrition
Infectious Disease
Natural Remedies