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Infectious Diseases

Learn How Infectious Disease Has Shaped Our Planet

This course will take you on a voyage through the fascinating world of infectious diseases. We will travel through the centuries right up to current outbreak’s new, emerging, and often deadly diseases. We will travel side-by-side with germs as they hitch rides by land, sea and air, spreading their virulence worldwide. With many germs around us daily, this course will identify the beneficial ones and help you avoid or destroy the ones that cause disease.

Dynamic World of Infectious Disease

Dive into the fascinating stories behind three notorious diseases: bubonic plague, malaria, and polio. See how scientists of the time were able to discover the causes of these diseases and develop effective treatments.  Also, learn why infectious diseases are still a pressing issue for our society, despite our advances in science and technology.  Continue reading with a Health Awarenesss Membership.

3 Virus Hijackers of Your Body's Cells

Zoom in to see a particle 100 times smaller than bacteria: the virus, which can replicate inside living cells.  Follow the life cycle of a virus as you see what viruses like HIV and Ebola do to host cells. Meet two germs that fall between bacteria and viruses - the spirochete and rickettsia.  Continue reading with a Health Awarenesss Membership.

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  • Introduction to Infectious Diseases
  • Dynamic World of Infectious Diseases
  • Bacteria Heroes and Villains
  • Virus Hijackers of Your Body's Cells
  • Bio-Terrorism: How Worried Should We Be?
  • Moldy Menaces and Fungal Diseases
  • Milestones in Infectious Disease History
  • Antibiotics: A Modern Miracle Lost?
  • Which Germs in Your Daily Life Matter?
  • Six Decades of Infectious Disease Challenges
  • Vaccines Save Lives
  • The Immune System: Our Great Protector
  • Zoonosis: Germs Leap from Animals to Humans
  • Tick-Borne Diseases: A Public Health Menace
  • Food-Borne Illness: What's Your Gut Feeling?
  • Respiratory and Brain Infections
  • What Science Knows About Cancer
  • Flesh-Eating Bacteria and Blood Poisoning
  • STDs and Other Infections Below the Belt
  • Stay Out of the Hospital
  • The Nemesis of Mankind: HIV and AIDS
  • Malaria and Tuberculosis: Global Killers
  • Global Travel, War, and Natural Disasters
  • Influenza: Past and Future Threat
  • Emerging and Reemerging Diseases
  • The Human Body: How We Fail, and How We Heal
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