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Health and Body Nutrition

Health and Body Nutrition

These reports take you on a healing path where you will nurture your roots and enhance your vitality with proper nutrition. They serve as an invitation to a journey to wellness with an inspirational, practical, hands-on guide to understand the science of nutrition and how what we eat and drink affects our body and our lives.  The reports also look at changing body composition through diet and exercise.  Improving body composition by losing body fat and optimizing lean muscle mass is not about vanity, it’s about health. It’s not about how quickly you can lose weight or how small you can become. It’s about how to be come stronger and healthier while decreasing your body fat and increasing your muscle.

Nutrition Made Clear

Nutrition Made Clear is an invitation to a journey to wellness—an inspirational,
practical, hands-on guide to understanding the science of nutrition and how what we eat and drink affects our bodies and our lives.  We begin with a revealing study of why we eat what we do and how we gather information about nutrition. We then take an in-depth look at the core of our body—our digestive tract.  Continue reading with a Health Awarenesss Membership.

Hydration - You Are What You Drink

Do you really need to drink eight 8-oz. glasses of water every day?  Discover the science behind the water that constitutes 65%–70% of our bodies, including a look at the symptoms and treatments of dehydration and overhydration and the effects of caffeine and alcohol on the body's hydration levels.  Continue reading with a Health Awarenesss Membership.

Fat, Fat Everywhere

Makes sense of the scientific complexities of dietary fat in all its many forms: saturated, unsaturated, trans-fat, cholesterol, and more.

Professor Anding helps you distinguish between "good" and "bad" and shows you how to regulate dietary fat intake.  Continue reading with a Health Awarenesss Membership.

Obesity - Public Health Enemy #1

Why has obesity become such an epidemic, both in America and around the globe? Is it a result of genetics, environmental and social factors, or both? What is the difference between being obese and merely being overweight? Find out the answers to these and other questions in this eye opening lecture.  Continue reading with a Health Awarenesss Membership.

Shifting the Healthcare Paradigm

Investigate the fundamental paradigm of Western medicine its strength in the treatment of symptoms and its relative deemphasis on illness prevention and long-term health concerns. In contrast, consider an approach to healthcare focusing on the whole human being, integrating the elements of your environment, genes, lifestyle, nutrition, and mental/psychological makeup.  Continue reading with a Health Awarenesss Membership.

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  • The Addictive Brain
  • Brain Myths Exploded
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  • Techniques for Retraining Your Brain
  • The Science of Natural Healing
  • Healthy Food Recipes
  • Natural Remedies
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